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Updated for 2023

Country Hustler’s Line Dance Socials with Sparkles

See location, addresses, times and fees below
January 8, Danville Grange, Theme: Raise Your Glass
February 26, Danville Grange Theme: Club Shirt
June 11, Hayward Senior Center, Theme: Stars & Stripes
July 23, Danville Grange, Theme: Hawaiian Hustlers
Sept. 10, Danville Grange, Theme: Chocolate City Hustlers
Sept. 24, Danville Grange, Theme: Autumn Leaves
October 22, Danville Grange, Theme: Black Cats & Bats
December 10, Danville Grange, Theme: Jingle Bells/Fundraiser

All dances at the Grange are from 1:00-4:00 Danville Grange address: 743 Diablo Road, Danville, CA Fees: Members $10, Guests: $12 All dances at the Hayward Senior Center are from 1:30-4:30 Address: 22325 North Third St., Hayward, CA Fees: $12 for everyone

Country Quicksteppers Line Dance Socials

YOU CAN DANCE 10: August 19, 2023
Doug and Jackie Miranda workshop
Twin Pines in Belmont, CA
11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Theme: TBD

Barrett Community Center
1835 Belburn Dr, Belmont, CA

The Sports Complex
550 Island Parkway, Belmont 1:00-4:00

January 21, Theme: Chinese New Year
March 4, The Sports Complex, 1:00-4:00, Theme: Born to Be Brunette
May 6, Theme: Cinco de Mayo
June 17, Theme: Seven Dwarfs
July 15, Theme: Smiley Face
August 19, Twin Pines, Theme: You Can Dance 10
September 16, Theme: Birthday Bash
October 7, Theme: Kermit and Miss Piggy
November 18, Theme: Turkey Lurkey
December 16, Theme: Santa’s Elves

Country Quicksteppers website

BOOTS ‘n’ BUCKLES Line Dance Socials

Location: Centerville Community Center
3355 Country Drive, Fremont, CA, Time: 1:00-4:00

February 19, Theme: Mardi Gras, wear Green, purple, gold
April 16, Theme: At the Hop 50’s
May 21, Theme: Red, White & Blue, Memorial Day
July 16, Theme: Denim & Pearls
October 15, Theme: Day of the Dead – Halloween Costume Contest
December 17, Theme: Let it Snow – Christmas Dance party


November 7-12, 2023 Westgate Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Vegas Dance Explosion 2023 link

Hope to see you at all the line dance socials!
Be sure to Dance…Smile…Sparkle!!!

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